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Stolen or missing Bronze Vase? ...Call Us.

Hinrichs & Gleeson, LLC have been assisting cemetery owners with their various needs all over the country. Marketing, management, staffing, training, consulting and helping with the design of mausoleum and garden projects. Independently owned properties have been our primary focus, although almost every cemetery faces the same challenges, whether large or small. Our Industry is now faced with another challenge that is causing extreme expense to us, not only financially but also to our public image, Bronze Vase Theft!

The solution to our problem could prove difficult, as one solution may not fit all properties. However, a vase unit has been developed and manufactured that can solve both your immediate and long-term theft and damage replacement problems. Hinrichs & Gleeson, LLC is proud to offer the “Peaceful Security Vase”

Peaceful Security Vase

The “Peaceful Security Vase” unit will replace most American made vase units.

Eliminate your “stolen vase problem” with our low-cost, zero-labor Peaceful Security Vase.


Made in the USA

Featured Security Vase